Hildegard Grode

Copyright: Daniel Raboldt

Here rests in God

Our dear daughter

Hildegard Grode

26.8.1936 17.2.1940

Loved, mourned and unforgotten

The grave of Hildegard Gertrud Grode[1] is the only one in Groß Pasken of which a gravestone has survived. It is located not far from the end of the former road near other children’s graves. According to the death register, the girl died “quickly of influenza with pneumonia” at the age of four.[2] Infant mortality was also high at the beginning of the 20th century,[3] and the inadequate medical care in the villages of Johannisburger Heide meant that influenza could quickly become fatal. In 1939, Hildegard had two siblings. Only her younger brother Siegfried, who was born after her death, reached adulthood.[4]

Hildegard’s family changed their surname from the more Polish name Gruzweski [5] to Grode before 1939.[6] The Gruzewskis [7] had lived in Groß Pasken since at least the early 1880s. Between 1884 and 1904, seven children of Johann and Wilhelmine Gruzewski, née Konstanty, died in infancy or early childhood.[8] Their graves are probably those near Hildegard’s grave. Probably Johann and Wilhelmine Gruzewski were Hildegard’s grandparents, their son Ewald had his surname changed to Grode and was therefore most likely Hildegard’s father.


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